Buyer suspicious of team home inspectors

But two sets of eyes may catch defects, provide clearer report

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Dear Barry, My Realtor has recommended a pair of home inspectors who work together as a team. At first, this seemed like a good idea. But then another inspector I talked to argued against having a two-person inspection. He said I would most likely receive a checklist-type report rather than a narrative. He also said I'd have trouble getting answers to questions after I buy the home because I'd have to determine who inspected what. Maybe this two-person deal is all about saving the Realtor's time. How do I decide? –Karen Dear Karen, Agents have been known to recommend home inspectors for the best and worst of reasons, but the saving of an hour of inspection time is an unlikely consideration. In this case, you might weigh the motives of the inspector who questioned the efficacy of a home inspection duo. There is no black and white case to be made for or against tandem inspectors. In fact, two inspectors working in concert can be better or worse than a single inspector. It all ...