How seriously should I take buyer’s repair list?

Seller not legally required to replace faulty drain stopper, loose molding

Dear Barry, The people who are buying my house just had a home inspector invade my space, and you should see the crazy repair list they hit me with. Just for samples, they want replacement of some moldings, a new bathtub drain stopper, replacement of loose bathroom tiles, replacement of the window wells, extension of the bathroom vent from the attic to the exterior, and inspection of the air conditioner. Oh yeah, they also want the house treated for termites, and it's only been five years since we killed all those bugs. Anyway, that's what they want done. Nothing major, just petty things. Is this normal today when you sell a home? –Louis Dear Louis, In most cases, sellers are not required to repair every single defect that is listed in a home inspection report. In your case, some of the repair requests are reasonable, while others have a somewhat nitpicky flavor. Minor items not worth a haggle would include loose moldings and a faulty drain stopper. Items of greater importance...