Weak inspection hints at Realtor kickback

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Dear Barry, The house we just bought has problems that were missed or minimized by our home inspector. The main one involves the toilet, which he reported as loosely attached to the floor. He said this was not a major problem but that it should be checked. We bought the house as is but have now learned that there's a major leak in the toilet drainpipe. The plumber quoted $900 for the repair. We relied on our inspector but now believe that he was incompetent or dishonest. Maybe he took a payback from the Realtor to help close the deal. Is this possible? –Dave Dear Dave, Although "payback" relationships of one kind or another may exist among some agents and inspectors, such occurrences are very rare. I would hesitate to make that kind of assumption. Sometimes defects literally escape the attention of a home inspector. This may be due to professional negligence or simply a lack of apparent symptoms at the time of the inspection. At other times, an inspector may discover a proble...