Real estate upkeep violates olfactory senses

Tenant accuses landlord of having a stinky roof

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Question: A couple of months ago the property management company for my apartment complex hired a roofer to re-tar the roof of my building. The process took three weeks. During the roofing process, we refrained from using our A/C because it produced a very strong tar odor. We waited until the process was complete and tried running the A/C again, but the tar smell was still very strong. I contacted my apartment manager and she sent out an A/C maintenance technician who, although admitting to smelling the tar odor, could not locate the problem. Since then a representative from the roofing company and an on-site maintenance person have also investigated the problem. Although the representative from the roofing company admitted to smelling a slight odor, the maintenance person said he could not. Air conditioning is a very important part of my life during the summer months. Also, the hotter it is outside, the stronger the tar odor. No one else in my building has experienced this and everyon...