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The tiny house solution

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SAN FRANCISCO–Jim Reid's solution to the homeless problem in San Francisco: Tiny houses. His solution to the affordable-housing problem in San Francisco? You guessed it: Tiny Houses. Reid built a fully equipped prototype, Shelter-One, to show how small a house could be -- and still be a home. The prototype, which has a 10-by-10 interior and cost about $12,000 to build, features a picket fence, a bed, a desk, a shower and bathtub, a combination washer-dryer unit and, yes, even the kitchen sink. View slideshow of prototype homeless shelter. Almost a century ago, when the 1906 earthquake leveled hundreds of city blocks in San Francisco, Reid's ideas were not so radical and revolutionary. Rather, such proposals were considered practical and necessary to house the tens of thousands of residents left homeless by the disaster. An estimated 250,000 city residents were left homeless after the earthquake, and makeshift tent cities set up around the outskirts of the city gave wa...