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Julie from Hollywood

When 'reality' is stranger than life

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An e-mail comes from a friend who has been MIA–moved to Orange County with wife and kids: "I don't know what you're up to these days..." he writes, "but this may be of interest to you." Attached are two PDF-format files that I struggle to open as they don't give any indication of their subject, and my friend may have been crazy to move to OC, but he's unusually reliable. I open the attachment that describes, via a press release, the national audition schedule for a new reality TV show with remodeling as the theme. Very up my alley. The schedule indicates that the deadline already has passed for most of the national cities. Los Angeles has special instructions on the network Web site. I go to said site. Further inquiries to the e-mail address on the press release prompt a call to me from the Actors Studio. "We want you to make a home video of your remodeling efforts, so we can see how you and your husband react together" an unidentified voice states. For the "show." "With one of ...