First-time investor skeptical of Realtor ethics

How can I get unbiased information on good rental areas?

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Question: I am thinking about buying my first rental property. Naturally, I want to buy a house or condo that will be easy to rent and that will turn profitable as soon as possible. I am looking throughout my area, but I have this feeling that most real estate agents would just try to sell me something in their specific neighborhood whether that area is good for rental properties or not. Then last night I saw a real estate expert on television advising that the best deals are on rental properties in other parts of the country. I am confused and don't know which advice is right. How can I get unbiased information that could help me decide where to buy? Property manager Griswold replies: You are facing one of the most common dilemmas for new real estate investors. First, your concerns about your local agents are valid. However, understand that real estate agents often specialize in specific neighborhoods and they cannot be experts in all areas of town. So it is natural that they feel m...