What are today’s best real estate opportunities?

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Some of the best real estate profit opportunities may surprise you. When you find an opportunity that interests and excites you, act on it! Don't let your friends and relatives discourage you. Here are the top five ways to maximize your real estate investments: 1 – YOUR PERSONAL RESIDENCE. Did that surprise you? If you don't already own your own home, what are you waiting for? Home mortgages have never been easier to obtain. Even if you don't have perfect credit, mortgage lenders offer "sub-prime" loans for your situation. However, if you have bad credit, no down payment, and no job, that might be a problem! Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Sound, well-located, single-family detached houses have proven to be the best long-term investments. On average, they have been appreciating about 5 percent every year. Ho-hum, you reply! But 5 percent is a tremendous annual yield if you make a cash down payment of 20 percent or less, like most home buyers should and do make. The reason, of...