Notice to vacate leaves tenant scrambling for negotiation

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Question: I am on a month-to-month rental agreement at an older rental house in a good area. I've just received a 30-day notice to vacate in the middle of the month. The legal notice states I must be out by the 20th of next month and there is no reason stated. I suspect they want to remodel and charge a lot more rent with the summer season soon approaching. The landlord has not been honest so I actually do not mind moving. My concern is that the 20th is not the most convenient time for me to move, as I prefer the 10th of next month. If I go ahead and leave early do I have to pay for the balance of the 10 days until their notice to vacate expires? Can't I just pay for the days that I am actually there? Property manager Griswold replies: You cannot unilaterally move out before the 30 days and just prorate the rent without the mutual agreement of the landlord. Thus, you should immediately contact the landlord to reach an agreement and then be sure to record the details in writing. Other...