Proper masking essential to quality paint job

Learn how to keep that paint where it belongs

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As any experienced painter will tell you, good painting is not about how to get the paint onto the surface – it's about how to keep it off everything else! A good masking job is every bit as important as a good paint job, and happily the proper tools and materials are inexpensive and easy to come by, and the techniques are easy to learn. WHAT YOU NEED Proper masking begins with good quality tape. For most jobs, you'll need rolls of both 1-inch- and 2-inch-wide top-quality masking tape. The cost difference between quality tape and bargain tape is miniscule when compared to the overall cost of the paint job, but the difference in quality and frustration can be significant, so don't scrimp. Also, only use masking tape. Duct tape, electrical tape, packaging tape, or any of the other tapes on the market that are designed for purposes other than painting will either not seal well enough to hold back the paint, or they'll seal so well that they will damage the underlying surface when ...