Bathroom subfloor undergoes leak repair

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Q: I am replacing my bathroom subfloor because of an ongoing water leak, but due to previous repairs in the adjacent hallway, I am going to have to raise the bathroom floor about an inch so the two subfloors line up. When I raise the bathroom floor, do I have to raise the toilet flange as well, or are there extenders for the wax ring? – Chris S. A: It's usually only necessary to raise the flange if you've significantly raised the floor – typically a couple of inches or more. If you have ABS plumbing, this is simply a matter of cutting the riser pipe between the flange and the elbow below it, and gluing couplings and a short piece of pipe to lift the flange to the desired height. If there is not enough space between the flange and the elbow to make the cut and install the coupling, then the project gets a lot more involved and will probably require the services of a licensed plumber. Also, if your plumbing is cast iron, I would strongly advise that you not attempt the repai...