Rusty water pipes raise real estate disclosure

Should seller pay for repairs?

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My daughter recently bought a condo. After moving in, she noticed that rusty water comes from some of the faucets when they are first turned on. The warranty people determined that the problem is deteriorated galvanized steel pipes. They estimated $7,000 to repipe the unit. The home inspector didn't disclose this problem, but the sellers could have run the water before the inspection, flushing the rusty water from the lines. Who knows? It just seems that the sellers must have been aware of this condition. Shouldn't they have disclosed it? – Rebecca Dear Rebecca, Sellers are obligated to disclose significant property defects of which they are aware. Rust-colored water at faucets is an observable and unusual condition that would arouse the interest and concern of most homeowners. Therefore, failure to divulge such conditions to buyers would constitute a breach of the responsibility to disclose. As a result, your daughter now faces an expensive repair burden that should have been ...