Major retailer defends merchandise-induced injury

Is Wal-Mart liable for customer injury from falling mirrors?

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Michelle Hodge and her son, Jessee, went to a Wal-Mart store to buy a mirror. Upon arriving at the mirror display around 6 p.m., she noticed the mirrors were "in a state of disarray." "The area was a mess," she noticed. Some of the mirrors were located on an upper shelf about 6 feet off the ground, slanted against the back of the shelf, restrained by a lip on the shelf one and a half inches high. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Hodge realized she needed to move the mirrors around to examine them. As she placed little Jessee on the floor, when she stood up she was struck by several mirrors that fell from the upper shelf, suffering substantial injuries. A woman that Hodge had been talking with just a moment earlier exclaimed, "Oh my God, those mirrors just fell on that girl." Hodge had not moved or touched the mirrors. The first employee on the scene was assistant manager Mary Bowman who heard the glass shatter over Hodge. After some time passed, the witness asked Bowman if she c...