Picture-hanging without a hitch

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Occasionally we receive questions that don't require detailed answers. We've decided to answer several of these short-answer questions in one column. Q: I have lath and plaster walls. I want to hang pictures, but I'm worried that the plaster will crack. What is the best method for hanging pictures on plaster walls? A: Drill a small hole through the plaster, called a pilot hole, and then attach a picture hook nail or other sturdy fastener using the hole. Small cordless drills, available at your home center, are inexpensive and are perfect for drilling pilot holes. Make sure the hole you drill is just a bit smaller than the fastening nail. If you don't have a drill bit that is smaller than the nail, you can use the nail itself as a drill bit. Use steady, gentle pressure. Q: Could you explain what is meant by floating floor? A: Rather than being nailed or glued to a concrete or plywood subfloor, these floors float atop the subfloor. Floating floors move with changes in humidity in th...