Home defect lawsuit may pose credit risk

Should home seller disclose roof leak repair from two years ago?

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DEAR BOB: More than two years ago, we had a minor roof leak in our house, which was repaired by a professional roofer. We observed no problems with the roof since then. When we sold our home last February, we didn't say anything about the roof repair when we filled out the disclosure form for our buyers. However, when a heavy rain occurred in late April, the roof leaked in the same spot. The buyers phoned us because they discovered the roof repair. We referred them to the roofer who said there was no guarantee on his repair work two years ago. Now the buyers claim we failed to disclose the roof repair two years ago. Do we have any obligation to them? – Horst S. DEAR HORST: No. Home defect disclosure forms ask if the seller is aware of the itemized possible problems listed on the form. At the time you sold your home, the roof didn't leak. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The fact the roof leaked in the same spot two years after the roof was professionally repaired doesn't ma...