Electric trimmers save on sweat

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As summer nears and fire season tags right along on its heals, many homeowners are facing the task of trimming trees and pruning back foliage that has grown too close to the house for comfort. Anyone who has worked up a sweat hacking at overhead limbs with a manual pole saw or teetered on a ladder while trying to balance a gas-powered chainsaw knows all too well that there's nothing fun about this necessary evil of homeownership. However, all you limbers and pruners can take heart this year, thanks to three new products recently introduced by Remington. All three–the Pole Saw Wizard, the Branch Wizard, and the Hedge Wizard are lightweight, electric-powered tools that get the job done quickly without the strain of manual saws and all the noise, hassle, and weight of gas-powered chainsaws. The Pole Saw Wizard is a clever combination of a chainsaw and a pole saw. The chainsaw is a 6 amp electric model with a 10-inch bar, and it has enough power to get through about a 6-inch limb. ...