Asbestos ceiling removal best left for professional

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Dear Barry, My home has textured ceilings in the living rooms and bedrooms, and the material has tested positive for asbestos. A home inspector I know says he removed his asbestos ceilings by himself and that it was simple. He just wetted the surfaces. The asbestos material turned to mush and was easily removed. But when I tried to wet my ceilings, the water wouldn't soak in. Why did this method work for my friend but not for me? – Allen Dear Allen, During the 1980s and early '90s, removal of acoustic ceiling texture was commonly done for environmental safety reasons, because breathing asbestos fibers was known to cause various lung diseases. That practice became less common when it was realized that asbestos ceilings pose no health hazards if left alone. Air contamination, it was realized, only occurs when the material is disturbed, causing the release of asbestos fibers. In more recent years, removal of acoustic ceiling texture has become popular because the cottage cheese l...