How to install floor heating systems

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Reader Mailbag – Adding floor heat, thermofoiled cabinets, and removing glue Q: I really enjoy your weekly column, and was hoping you could help with a question. We are having a sunroom added to our house, and we were wondering how difficult it would be to add a floor heating system in just this room. Our contractor has never done one, and we don't know where to start. -Keiko A. A: Adding a floor heating system for individual rooms, or even just specific spots within a room, is actually pretty easy. Both hot water and electric cable floor heat are readily available, but for individual rooms in a remodel situation such as yours, you'll probably find that the electric systems are the easiest. Electric floor heat comes in two basic forms – heat pads and heat cables. The pads are available in a wide variety of standard square and rectangular sizes, or you can have custom size mats made up as well. For larger or more irregular areas, the cables might work better. In either ca...