Home permit history comes back to haunt

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Home inspectors often recommend that the buyer obtain a permit history on a home they want to buy. However, most buyers don't heed this advice, which can lead to problems later. One homeowner who didn't check the permit history before she bought found out after closing that a remodeling permit issued in the seller's name had never received final city approval. She discovered this when her contractor applied for a permit to do some more remodeling. The city wouldn't issue a new permit until the outstanding permit received a final clearance. When the city inspector checked the work, he refused to pass it because it hadn't been done properly. The homeowner had to make the corrections before the city would issue a permit for any further work on the property. This was an expense she hadn't anticipated, and it delayed her remodeling. Another homeowner converted a detached cottage on his property to a bedroom and bathroom for his daughter. This work was done by licensed contractors, but w...