Choosing saws, cutters for next home tile project

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Ceramic tile is a material that is perfect for a number of areas in your home and for the patient do-it-yourselfer, it can also be a wonderful and very rewarding project. It's rare, however, that you encounter a tile job that uses only full tiles, so you're almost sure to run into the need to cut the tiles – and that's where tile saws and tile cutters come in. TILE CUTTERS A tile cutter is a non-powered tool that is used for making straight, simple cuts on tile up to about 9/16-inch in thickness. They are the smallest, lightest, safest and least expensive of the tools designed for cutting tile, but are slow and somewhat limited in the types of cuts they can perform. A tile cutter works on a principle similar to a glass cutter. The tile is placed in the cutter, which is typically a flat, padded metal frame with an overhead arm and a cutter head that contains a scoring wheel. The cutter head is pressed down so that the wheel is in contact with the top of the tile, then it is drawn...