Sorting the good home inspectors from the bad

New book decodes inspection process

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Home buyers, sellers, and realty agents who need to understand what is involved in a professional home inspection have, at last, a simple, easy-to-understand guidebook in "The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Home Inspections" by Bobbi Dempsey and Mike Kuhn. When I picked up this handy-size book, I thought it would be superficial "fluff" about professional home inspections. I was wrong. Instead, this little book is filled with important, profitable and authoritative information about professional home inspections. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. One of the co-authors, Mike Kuhn, is a professional inspector with 17 years of experience thoroughly inspecting homes. He even owns a HouseMaster home inspection franchise. The other co-author, Bobbi Dempsey, is a professional writer who makes the details easy to understand. Without getting boring, this innovative book clarifies the home inspection details that buyers, sellers and realty agents need to know. For example, the electrical chapte...