Tenant discount raises fair housing debate

Must rental rates be the same for all tenants in building?

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Question: Where can I find a copy of the "Fair Housing Guidelines" for rentals? My landlord keeps referencing them when I want to speak to him about my new lease. He wants to raise my rent nearly $150 a month in my new lease and I want to negotiate, but he says they cannot due to "Fair Housing Guidelines." Does such a document exist or is this an excuse because he doesn't want to negotiate a more reasonable rental rate? Property manager Griswold replies: As a property manager, my interpretation of their reference to "Fair Housing Guidelines" is more of a company policy statement rather than a specific law under the state and federal fair housing laws. I think that the "Fair Housing Guidelines" referenced by your landlord is most likely just a generic statement that a landlord should always strive to treat all tenants equally. Your landlord probably has a genuine concern that if he simultaneously gave different rent increases for identical rental units then one of the tenants that is pa...