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World of online apartment hunting

Many Web sites compete for rental listings

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Plug "apartment search" into your Internet browser and get ready for your head to spin. There is a dizzying assemblage of Web sites listing apartment rentals, and this list includes major national players, regional listing sites and even some city-specific sites. If you think picking an apartment is tough, then you might have trouble choosing an online apartment-hunting Web site too. Inman News conducted a search for apartments in Omaha, Neb., to test a handful of national apartment rental listing sites. The visited sites include:,,, and found 302 properties and displayed 250 listings in Omaha, and had 113 apartment listings in Omaha. had 62 listings, had 60 listings, and had 27 listings. is a graphics-intensive apartment listings site with a lot of advertising and some banner ads disbursed throughout the search results. This s...