The most profitable real estate improvements

New book shows how to raise the value of your home

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If you want to know how to add market value to your home by making profitable improvements, perhaps before putting it up for sale, be sure to read "101 Cost Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home" by Steve Berges. The author, a 25-year home builder and real estate investor, shares the facts about which home improvements are most profitable and which probably won't increase your home's market value more than their cost. As a longtime investor in rental houses, I had a good idea which home improvements were the most profitable. But I quickly discovered from this new book that "visibility adds value." If the improvement isn't highly visible (such as foundation repairs), it probably won't gain much (or any) market value. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Unfortunately, the book doesn't include a nice, simple list of the most profitable home improvements. Instead, it leads the reader through several chapters listing the 101 cost-effective ways to improve your home's market v...