Sound dampening improves livability

Cellulose insulation recommended between floors

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Q: We plan to replace our third-floor carpet and vinyl floor coverings with tile. The area is approximately 600 square feet and includes the living and dining rooms, and a kitchen, bedroom, hallway and bathroom. This floor is above two bedrooms, a bathroom, a hallway and a laundry room. There is a sprinkler system between the second and third floors. We have considered installing sound-deadening material between these two floors. We have acquired bids from two companies, both of which recommend drilling holes into the plywood subfloor and blowing in sound-deadening material. Another proposal would entail removing the subfloor to lay in batts of insulation between the subfloor and the ceiling. One company recommends cellulose, the other recommends fiberglass. Regarding sound deadening, which product is more effective? Which product is the least toxic? Which installation is more effective and which is more expensive? Will sound deadening increase the value of our home? A: Instal...