Must sellers disclose next-door drug dealing?

Sneaky listing agent eyes bottom line

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Dear Barry, After buying our home, we learned that the next-door neighbors are dealing drugs. The police have raided the place twice in three months, but the illegal activity continues. The sellers never disclosed any of this when we bought the property and have since moved out of state, so we have no recourse. To make matters more interesting, the people across the street just listed their home for sale, and their agent expressed the belief that the neighborhood crime wave may not need to be disclosed to buyers. He's checking with his broker, just to be sure. Apparently, this is a gray area as it relates to the disclosure law, and I just wanted to get your thoughts on the matter. –Jeri Dear Jeri, The agent for the upcoming sale has a distorted perspective regarding real estate disclosure. He is apparently asking himself, "What do I legally have to disclose?" rather than simply disclosing every significant fact he knows. Living across the street from people who are at odds wit...