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The real estate privacy scare

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Editor's note: Privacy and real estate are intertwined in many ways. This three-part series explores the Patriot Act and its impact on real estate companies, what the industry is doing about privacy compliance, and how realty professionals are protecting their businesses and clients. (See Part 1: Your home vitals on the Web and Part 3: Patriot Act puts a chill in real estate.) The privacy policy at, a National Association of Realtors-affiliated Web site is 10 pages long if you decide to print it out. If you read it on your computer screen, that's a lot of onscreen mouse-scrolling. But it is light reading compared with the 45-page final federal rule that stems from the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. That act applies to real estate privacy for appraisers, mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers, among others. The list of federal and state privacy laws is, in itself, a lengthy read, and real estate associations have worked to keep members abreast of new and pendi...