Is tenant entitled to reimbursement for new appliances?

Failure to get landlord's permission poses dilemma

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Question: I am currently renting a single-family home. When I moved in the appliances were in bad shape and/or didn't work properly. The bottom line is they were just outdated and old. So I replaced them with brand-new appliances, i.e., wall oven range, stand-alone range, refrigerator and dishwasher. According to my lease I should not have done this without the owner's permission. Now the owner is selling the property, which I do not intend to purchase. She is aware that the appliances were replaced. I have asked for some type of reimbursement for these appliances. I was told that since I did it without her permission she doesn't have to offer me anything. In addition, I was told to replace the appliances immediately if I wanted to keep my new appliances, because once the house has been shown to prospective buyers the new appliances must remain. Is this true? I realize what I did was not proper, but these appliances have improved the showing of her home. In addition to other improvemen...