Homeowners avoid insurance cancellation

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Just in case you haven't been paying attention, during the last two years homeowner's insurance companies haven't been advertising for new customers in most states. Instead, they seem be trying to get rid of their insureds who dare file any claims. If you have filed one, two or even three claims with your homeowner's insurance company within the last few years, when your policy comes up for renewal, don't be surprised if your insurer sends you a "notice of non-renewal." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. A few states have laws prohibiting insurers from "non-renewing" existing homeowner customers who pay their premiums on time. But in most states, insurers are free to "non-renew" based on too many claims or even no reason at all, regardless of how many years the homeowner has faithfully paid his/her insurance premiums. WATCH OUT FOR HOMEOWNER INSURANCE NON-RENEWAL Insurers rarely cancel a homeowner's policy before it expires. However, if the insured does something to greatly increa...