Tackling mildew best done from the outside

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Q: We live in a single-family home and recently discovered mildew on the inside of our north- and northeast-facing walls. Unfortunately, these are bedroom walls. The mildew was so bad that it had grown all over a dresser that was up against a wall. We've tried using bleach and leaving the furniture a couple inches from those walls but nothing seems to kill it. Can you make any recommendations, other than moving? Our house is not insulated but it does have double-pane windows. Also, because we knew there was the potential for this problem we used an anti-mildew additive to our paint when we painted about four years ago. Does its effectiveness diminish over time? A: We're not going to suggest you move, but before you insulate you should locate the source of the mildew. You've done all the right things to cure the symptoms; now you need to find the cause. Bleach, mildewcide added to paint and fresh air can retard or kill mildew, but they do not cure the conditions that cause it. Mil...