Home precautions for hot weather

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If it's hot outside and you feel yourself wilting a little while you delve into your latest home improvement project, you can rest assured that your building materials are feeling the effects of that heat as well.  So when temperatures climb, it pays to take a few special precautions. ROOFING Installing roofing materials is a physically demanding chore under any circumstances, and when it's hot outside, those demands multiply. The wide-open expanse of unprotected roof will take a toll on your body, and it's very easy to become dehydrated and dizzy in the heat – with possible disastrous results. Start as early in the day as possible, wear a hat, drink water, and get off the roof as soon as you find yourself weakening physically, or when the materials become uncomfortably hot to handle. The installation of asphalt composition shingles can present one of the biggest challenges when it's hot out. Heat softens the asphalt, causing the shingles to become limp and easily torn wh...