Partition lawsuit divides real estate, family

Can ungrateful daughter force sale of mom's house?

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DEAR BOB: About five years ago, I stupidly added my adult daughter to the title of my home as a joint tenant with right of survivorship. At the time, I was in poor health and she was taking care of me. Well, I recovered and am now in excellent health for age 68. But my daughter and I have had a "falling out." She won't speak to me. When I recently contacted her to sign a quit claim deed so I can sell my home to use the money to go into a life care home, she refused to sign. She claims she is entitled to 50 percent of my home's sales proceeds. Then she said she could even force the sale of my home. Is this true? – Jennifer H. DEAR JENNIFER: In most states, the answer is yes. A joint tenant, or a tenant in common, can usually bring a successful partition lawsuit to force the sale of a property. Of course, it is up to the judge to decide. But in most situations, the court will order a partition sale of the property with the sales proceeds divided between the co-owners. Purchase Bob...