Safety hazard arises over aluminum wiring

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Hi Barry, We recently purchased a 12-year-old house, and our home inspector failed to mention the aluminum wire that runs from the main service panel to the heater. It was discovered when we hired an electrician to do some repairs, and he estimated $1,200 to replace the line. Our real estate agent was surprised the home inspector missed this and said that he has a reputation for being thorough. Nevertheless, he did miss it, and we've heard that aluminum wire is a serious safety hazard. Shouldn't the inspector pay for this repair? –Janet Dear Janet, Not all aluminum wiring is hazardous. Safety issues involving aluminum wire pertain to homes built from the late 1960s through the early '70s and involved 110-volt circuits, primarily for outlets and lights. In those instances, connections became loose and subsequently overheated, sometimes resulting in fires. Consequently, the use of 110-volt aluminum wiring was abandoned, and older homes with this type of wiring typically warrant ...