No-dog provision violates tenant’s rights

Visitor asked to cancel sojourn, board canine

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Question: I live in an apartment building that only allows cats, but no dogs. My daughter wants to visit me for two days and she has a little dog that she must bring with her. My manager says she can't even have it on the property even if she is just visiting. Can they do that? Landlord's attorney Smith replies: As the landlord's attorney, I regret to inform you that the no-dog provision applies to guests and invitees as well. It is not unreasonable to prohibit pets in the premises. Further, it is unfair to other residents to allow your daughter to have a pet, even though it's only for two days. While I am sure you anticipate no problems, there could be barking, snipping and other associated problems. Please have your daughter keep her dog in a kennel for the 2-day period. Tenant's attorney Kellman replies: Put the dog in a kennel and miss the visit? I do not think so. Heck, dogs have feelings, too. A rule stating that your daughter's dog cannot even set one paw on the property, ev...