Delinquent renter makes eviction difficult

Attorney recommends serving 3-day ultimatum

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Question: We own a rental home and rent out several rooms. One of the tenants just moved in last month and signed a six-month lease. These are standard, boilerplate lease forms that we got from Professional Publishing in Novato, Calif. At the time this tenant signed the lease we asked him for first month, last month and a security deposit. He told us he couldn't pay the entire security deposit or any of last month's rent upon move-in but he was getting paid commission soon and would pay the rest of the security deposit and the last month's rent in two weeks. He did not pay as promised but we did eventually get the last month's rent from him more than two months after move-in. At that time he promised to pay the balance of the security deposit. Our experience with this tenant is that he has lied to us on a number of occasions about when he will pay money (the check is in the mail, etc.) and also about his employment, and has now become surly when we ask him for the deposit. The rental a...