Real estate agent offers dubious inspection advice

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Dear Barry, We are currently buying a home and just had a home inspection. At the time, the crawlspace below the building was flooded, and the sump pump was not working. Because of this, our inspector could not go under the house. Now that the pump is fixed, we'd like the inspector to go back under, but our agent says this is not necessary. The termite inspector is scheduled to come back and check the substructure, and we'd like our home inspector to do the same. Should we demand further inspection or trust the advice of our agent? – Deborah Dear Deborah, An agent who would advise against a full inspection of a subarea is surprisingly ill-informed as to the hard realities of disclosure liability or is simply deficient in the practice of common sense and professional ethics. Some of the most critical defects discovered by home inspectors and pest control operators are located beneath the building. To forego an evaluation of this pivotal area is inexcusably risky and beyond the ...