Keeping water out of the basement

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Q: When it rains, I have a problem in my basement. After the earth is saturated, water enters through the foundation. I have an attached house and live on a hill. We have two bedrooms and a bath in the basement. The water flows under the floor, which is elevated about 4 inches. I haven't had any mold problems because I put towels against the foundation wall to soak up the water. But sometimes I don't get it all and it travels down the sloping floor to the drain in the middle of the garage. It looks as if the previous owners have tried a patch or two with little success. Any ideas? A: There are a couple of ways to stem the floodwaters, but there is no easy fix. Both solutions require a significant investment of time and money. We believe that installation of a French drain around the outside of the foundation is the best choice. If done properly it will direct groundwater outside of the house where it belongs. Another, less desirable solution is to install a sump pump inside the base...