Getting your dollar’s worth from home improvement

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So you've decided to take the plunge and redo the kitchen, or put on a sprawling new deck, or add that central air conditioning you so desperately wanted last summer. The plans are drawn, the contractor is ready to go, and you suddenly have a concern you hadn't thought of before: Is this a good investment? How well a remodeling project pays back on its initial cost is dependant on a number of factors, and you need to weigh at least some of them before you make the decision to move ahead. For example, the payback on remodeling in general is better in a hot real estate market where homes are moving quickly, as opposed to an area where the market is slow. This is especially worth considering if you plan to sell your home soon after the remodeling is complete. You also want to consider the type of project you're undertaking, and how it relates to the homes in your area. If the market around you is particularly good for homes with two bathrooms, and you want to add a second bathroom to your...