Wannabe home inspector seeks career shortcut

Education key to avoiding consumer lawsuits

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Dear Barry, I'd like to become a home inspector and would like to know the cheapest way to go about this. What do you recommend? – Waleed Dear Waleed, Stop what you're doing, sit down and reconsider the concept, practice and purpose of home inspection. The last thing you need is a cheap way to enter a complex profession. Instead, look for ways to become a well-informed home inspector, able to provide a detailed evaluation of real property and to do so without inviting lawsuits for nondisclosure of property defects. As a home inspector, buyers will depend upon your findings when making major financial decisions and commitments. To perform this service in an effective manner, you'll need to be well informed and thoroughly trained. To effect your preparation for that kind of service, you'll need to commit considerable time and resources. To obtain a foundational knowledge of the home inspection profession, you should enroll in a comprehensive course, offered by a recognized ho...