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Real estate deals live and die by curb appeal

Julie from Hollywood

Yesterday, the temperature hit 87 degrees on this side of the hill while the rest of the nation was freezing. It's really a strain on the residents here in L.A. – tops down on convertibles, tank tops and shorts diverting drivers' eyes to the stall in the endless traffic at mid-day. It's the perfect weather that puts people in the mood to buy houses. Everything looks so beautiful. The sky is so blue – you can almost touch it. It is with great reluctance that my husband lets me go out on a day like today. It's Broker's Open here in L.A. Nothing but trouble. All those open houses just crying out to me as I run my errands at lunchtime. "Did you call your client about the 'Spanish' in Outpost?" I call him from my cell after a "pop in" visit. "You mean the one with the camper in the driveway at $1.6 million?" he replies. "It really has potential inside," I continue. "For the price." "I can't even get my client to get out of the car," he continues. "The description on the M...