What to consider when reviewing a home purchase offer

Highest priced offer not always the best

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A home purchase agreement is a complicated legal document. It will include all of the terms and conditions of the sale, most of which are negotiable. Some sellers focus on the price the buyer offers, minimizing the other terms and conditions. This approach can lead to trouble. It's natural to want to sell for the highest price possible. But, the highest priced offer is not always the best offer. Recently a seller decided to accept the higher of two offers. Two days after acceptance, the buyers backed out. Their inspection contingency allowed them the right to back out for any reason. So, the seller had no recourse but to refund the buyer's deposit money and put his house back on the market. Evaluate every one of the terms and conditions of the purchase offer before making a decision. Since virtually every term is negotiable, consider your options. You can accept some terms and counter others in order to fine-tune the contract to meet your needs. Some sellers find it helpful to li...