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‘Eco-terrorists’ target luxury homes

Group admits to vandalizing master-planned community

Sprawl was the target of vandalism and planned firebombings in a luxury-home development east of Sacramento, Calif., and at an office building complex in Auburn, according to a letter that was purportedly written by an agent of the Earth Liberation Front, a pro-anarchist environmental group that advocates destructive opposition to the march of civilization. The letter, signed by "Agent Emma Goldman and the Crimethine Senior Officers of the Earth Liberation Front," claims responsibility for firebombing attempts earlier this month and "the sabotage of countless tractors, broken windows and graffiti in many developments in the area, attempted arson on four homes in JTS Communities' Twelve Bridges housing development in the city of Lincoln and the Park Hill Office buildings under construction in the city of Auburn." Several Sacramento-area newspapers published the letter. The group, which is also known by the acronym ELF, has been dubbed an "eco-terrorist" organization by some because of ...