Designing the perfect home office

Tips on furniture placement, lighting, storage

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Once you move into your new house, where will you spend the most time? If you are one of the millions of Americans who work at home, you'll clock the most hours in your home office, and planning it should be a priority. You may think your home office now is swell, and you want exactly the same setup in your new place. Take another look. You may be churning out the work product because, like most people, you're amazingly adaptive. You've got a desk, a computer, some bookshelves, and a nice view. What's not to like? Quite a bit. Your only bookshelf is at the other end of the room. Going back and forth for reference material you use nearly everyday is a pain, so you keep them close at hand-in piles on the floor around your feet. Your printer is on the floor next to the bookcase so you have to get up to retrieve anything you print and every time you bend down to add paper your knees hurt. When you sit at your computer screen you overlook a neighboring park, but whenever the sun is out,...