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Native Americans protest sale of white buffalo home

Ranch and herd carry $5 million price tag

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A ranch for sale in the highlands near Flagstaff, Ariz., offers something rare to its buyer: a small herd of white buffalo. The price tag for the ranch and herd is $5 million. But the sale of the herd, bred by the owners of the ranch, has also stirred protest among Native Americans who have said that it is wrong to sell something that is sacred. For many generations, the story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman has been passed along through spiritual leaders of the Native American nations in the Great Plains. The story speaks of a handing down of sacred teachings by this being. Jim and Dena Riley, the current owners of the 4.2-acre Spirit Mountain Ranch that is home to the white buffalo herd, started the herd on a 66-acre ranch in Wyoming, later moving the herd to South Dakota and then moving again to its current home in 2001. A Web site set up to raise money to support the herd,, refers to the Rileys as "guardians of the Sacred White Buffalo." Portia R...