Home seller considers inspection a deal-killer

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Dear Barry, The people who were buying our house hired a home inspector. After a five-hour inspection, we were given a list of minor defects. We agreed to repair all the items listed in the inspection report, but the buyers cancelled the purchase that very day. We went ahead with the repairs anyway but were totally dismayed by the buyers' reaction and can't understand why the deal fell through. Is it common practice for sellers to be given this kind of runaround after a home inspection? – Elaine Dear Elaine, There may be no way to determine what motivated your buyers to bail out of the deal, but be assured this disappointing outcome is not a common practice in the aftermath of a home inspection. The home inspection contingency in a real estate purchase contract provides buyers the option to cancel the deal when the inspection report contains unacceptable conditions. For some buyers, however, this contingency is a convenient escape clause if they choose to walk away from a purchas...