Paint product raises concern among remodelers

High cost, extended warranty may not be worth the risk

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Q: We have received several quotes to paint two sides of our three-unit, 10-year-old condo building. The front is stucco and the side is wood. None of the surfaces has been painted since the building was new but there is very little peeling. Also, we live near the ocean. In addition to preparing the surfaces by power washing, scraping, sanding, patching and caulking, three of the quotes call for one coat of primer and one or two coats of acrylic paint. Another quote is for a product called "terpolymer elastomeric paint finish," which costs more and has a 10-year warranty. Warranties for the acrylic jobs range from two years to eight depending on the number of coats. One of the quotes specifies an oil-based primer with latex top coat, the others do not. One of the quotes specifies name-brand paints and the others do not. What kind of primer and top coat would you recommend for this application? Also, are you familiar with terpolymer elastomeric paint and what are your thoughts about ...