Building a ‘green’ house

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You want to build an environmentally sensible house. One that is "green" with good indoor air quality, energy efficiencies, and, wherever possible, materials that are environmentally benign. But how, exactly, do you do this? What makes building materials green and how do you find out about them? While there's an abundance of information out there, it hasn't been systematically organized for the time-starved homeowner who is starting from square one. Until now. "Green Building Products," a guide for residential building products has just been published by BuildingGreen and New Society Publishers. It is written by the editors and staff of Environmental Building News, one of the most authoritative publications on environmentally responsible building design and construction in the country.  The listings in "Green Building Products" do not cover all the items you will need to build a typical house. Lead editor Alex Wilson said in an interview that they did not include everything b...