Contractors sing praises of controversial paint

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One of the fun things about writing this column is checking the e-mail each week. Often we receive insight – and sometimes castigation – from the pros, the folks who are out there every day painting, plumbing, wiring and framing for a living. A recent column brought more response than usual. A reader was puzzling over several bids for painting his condo building near the ocean. He was especially wondering about elastomeric paint, which was specified in a couple of the bids. It's been many years since Kevin has made his living by swinging a paintbrush and admittedly, we weren't familiar with the product. Well, the verdict's in. Although there's some disagreement as to how new elastomeric paint is, the pros pretty much agree that for exterior stuccowork it's a first-rate product. Jim Hayes, a San Francisco painting contractor, wrote: "I especially enjoyed your column. All of your recommendations were right on target. "Several companies make terpolymer elastomeric paint....