Improper ventilation creates wealth of subfloor problems

Many homeowners mistakenly believe crawlspace should trap heat during winter

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Dear Barry, My question involves the popular but unwise practice of closing the foundation vents around a home. Many homeowners and maintenance people do this in the belief that they are conserving heat during winter. Instead, they are causing serious building damage and heath problems. As a heating contractor, I often find blocked vents, and too many hardware stores sell products specifically made for closing the vents. You've addressed this subject in the past, but the practice remains widespread. Could you please advise your readers to let the subfloor areas beneath their homes breathe? – Chad Dear Chad, Closure of subarea vents is definitely a widespread problem. As a means of winterizing a home, it misses the entire purpose and intent of ventilating the crawlspace. Winter is when ground moisture most commonly occurs under a building. It is the time of year when vents are most needed to prevent dampness, condensation, and resultant moisture damage. Closing the vents wrongl...