New ranges, cabinetry improve kitchen design

Appliances get safer, more efficient

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In the home-building industry, everything makes its debut at the high end. It can also disappear up there, if it doesn't meet expectations or creates headaches, warranty issues and service calls for the manufacturer and builder. But, if a luxury item survives the initial vetting process of the marketplace, it will eventually reach the majority of consumers, though this can take years and the product may be considerably modified. What aesthetic or technological innovations may be in the pipeline for you? At this year's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, held in May, I saw some interesting developments in ranges, cooktops and cabinetry. About 30 years ago, Subzero slimmed refrigerators down from an industry standard of 30 inches to 24 inches. With this shallower depth, a kitchen could have a sleek, streamlined look without a big clunky box intruding into a designer's vision. Since then, however, clunkiness has returned in the form of six- and eight-burner professional ranges...